Breville Bes980xl Review

The Oracle BES980XL: First Automatic Manual Espresso Machine from Breville

In the presence of the Oracle BES980XL, one of the latest Breville products, all other kitchen appliances, how much loved they can be, seem quite ordinary, especially if you are a devoted coffee guy. Look at the machine that can make all your coffee dreams come true.

Word by word: no grinder, no scale, no tamper, but one fabulous Oracle that does everything automatically and simultaneously.

The capacity of the removable bean hopper is ½ lbs. Freshly ground beans are dosed from the hopper into the stainless steel porta filter automatically. Capacity of the latter is 58 mm: enough for a required amount of your favorite drink. Dual boilers are next to apply. Waiting for the brewing shot you can simultaneously froth your milk for creamy cappuccino or silky latte: simply adjust the respective automatic milk texturing settings.

Extra flexible? Time sparing? Both and even more, as that’s not everything that the coffee machine is able to perform for you.



Breville Oracle in Features and Functionality

  • Dual Boilers (stainless steel) extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously.
  • Dual Pumps (espresso and steam boiler) make sure the pressure is sufficient.
  • Over-Pressure Valve pulls a perfect espresso shot by limiting extraction pressure.
  • Heated 58mm Group Head maintains consistent extraction temperature.
  • Espresso Shot Clock helps control optimal (right the moment) shot pulling.
  • LED-backlit LCD facilitates maintaining of the entire control over the exploitation.
  • Auto Start option enables you to preheat the Oracle for a set period of time.
  • Hot Water Spout delivers hot water for your Americano and pre-heats cups.
  • Drop down Swivel Foot facilitates lifting the Oracle upwards for greater maneuverability.

Simplified programmability facilitates the overall exploitation in shot and milk settings (temperature, volume and texture), grind settings and tamp force, pre-infusion, auto start and auto off features on the whole.



  1. No Gunk as the steam wand is purged automatically after each use; this is great for always having a perfect latte.
  2. Automated features found in the Oracle distinguish it from any other semi-automatic appliances available on the market.
  3. Dual Boilers are indispensable in time saving, as they brew your espresso and froth your milk simultaneously.


Grind dosage is the only con we’ve found, as the exact amount of espresso dispensed cannot be changed.